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Updates & News

Regular Sales

This year, we started selling coffee every first Wednesday of each month. The sales will happen after school from 15:30 to around 16:30. Exceptions include holidays and Action Weeks. Sales will happen only during the school year.

Feel free to stop by our booth and buy some coffee!

Huai Nam Khun Trip 2019

From November 15 - 18, a group of 10 students from FairNIST went on a trip to Northern Thailand to meet the farmers. We gained a better understanding of Thai High’s production process, their progress on work with the farmers and meeting the farmers ourselves to learn more about their needs and lifestyle.

Coffee Tasting Event

The coffee tasting event is an annual event where farmers Khun Dao and Khun Ardong visits NIST with their families. All members of the NIST communities are invited to come and taste our coffee and learn more about the stories of these special farmers. 

Staff from Thai High also visits our school and teaches about the process from the bright red coffee cherries to the bags of coffee you buy every day. 

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