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Our Partners

Each of our partners are invaluable and have helped us at different steps along the way.

From producing our coffee, to helping ensure success in our development projects, to organizing our yearly trips to Chiang Mai, each partner needs to be recognized and celebrated.

Our partners are all social enterprises, and take action in creating positive changes in the community around them.


Partner Farmers


Tar is one of the farmers we are working with from Akha Ama. He has dedicated a significant amount of time to collaborating with coffee farmers in Saw-Eh, a village situated in Maetuen, Omkoi, Chiang Mai, in the northern region of Thailand. Anticipate a journey of approximately eight hours from the city of Chiang Mai should you wish to visit. In partnership with School Coffee—a distinguished Thai coffee brand and an affiliate of Friends Trade—we have committed to enhancing the community's capabilities and ensuring the excellence of their produce. Within Saw-Eh village, coffee trees are integrated into the agroforestry system.

Sorn is another one of our farmers. He comes from a small village named Maejantai in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He went on to earn a degree from a university and then took his first job abroad. He's deeply committed to improving his community's way of life through sustainable coffee farming. His passion for learning more about high-quality coffee production has helped him build a strong reputation and promote his products effectively. At the same time, Sorn is a firm believer in practicing mixed farming to guarantee steady income for his family every season, aiming to support a sustainable lifestyle for many.


Akha Ama


Contact Akha Ama!

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Akha Ama is a social enterprise founded by Lee Ayu Chuepa and run by Ray Buerger, and has been an integral part of what we do at FairNIST.

Fair trade sits at the core of Akha Ama, and is a principle we strongly support at NIST. The above market price their farmers receive for their coffee greatly improves their livelihoods. But Akha Ama does not stop there. Through training, they empower farmers to improve their skills and grow higher quality coffee.

Akha Ama supplies the coffee we sell at FairNIST. They roast it to perfection, and we bag it at school. They constantly work on improving their coffee through means such as holding coffee tastings at NIST to receive feedback from parents, teachers, and FairNIST members on how they prefer their coffee roasted. 

Akha Ama can be reached through their website, Facebook Page, or instagram (Found to the left).

NIST's Catering and Cafes

NIST Catering has been an extremely key part in growing our brand internally within the NIST community. The head chef, Stu Air, along with his team of dedicated staff have been a constant help in receiving and handling our coffee imports as well as always being ready to provide logistical support.


By allowing sales at the various cafes located throughout the campus, FairNIST has become a very well known and popular brand within the NIST community. Feel free to stop by and purchase a fresh bag of FairNIST next time you happen to be around!

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