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Whole Beans or Ground to meet your needs. Your Choice!

15% of our profits goes towards improving the processing of coffee by farmers. At this moment, the farmers sell coffee cherries to ThaiHigh who will process and roast it. But we are investing in processing equipment and machines for Khun Dao and Khun Ardong, our farmers.

10% of our profits goes towards community development projects in Ban Huai Nam Khun village.

FairNIST Merch

Prices & Promotions

Enjoy our custom made FairNIST Mug!

(Sold Out)

1 Mug | 200 THB

1 Bag of Coffee (Roast of Choice)


4 Bags of Coffee (Roasts of Choice)

1 Mug + 1 Bag of Coffee (Roast of Choice)

2kg of Coffee 

| 300 THB


| 1000 THB

| 450 THB

1600 THB 


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