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Whole Beans or Ground to meet your needs. Your Choice!

15% of our profits goes towards improving the processing of coffee by farmers. At this moment, the farmers sell coffee cherries to Akha Ama who will process and roast it. 

10% of our profits goes towards community development projects in Ban Huai Nam Khun village.

FairNIST Merch

Prices & Promotions

Enjoy our custom made FairNIST Mug!

(Sold Out)

1 Mug | 200 THB

1 Bag of Coffee (Roast of Choice)


4 Bags of Coffee (Roasts of Choice)

2kg of Coffee 


| 300 THB


| 1000 THB

| 1600 THB 


Order Here 

Hi! Please use the ordering form below or visit the order section above.

Thank you! 

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