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Maeramit Village at Omgoi

Our Coffee

Where does it come from?

Why support our Coffee?

Where can I purchase it?

Our rich Arabica coffee is locally grown in Ban Huai Nam Khun village, Chiang Rai by farmers, Khun Dao and Khun Ardong and is mixed with coffee grown from other places around Northern Thailand. It is then masterfully processed and roasted by Akha Ama in Chiang Mai.


We offer a selection of espresso, filter, french press grinds, and whole beans. 

You can buy our coffee from Room 4301 in the Secondary Building. We also directly sell at events such as Farmer's Markets, Starry Nights, Service Fairs, and more.


All proceeds from our coffee goes towards supporting our farmers’ processing and community development projects. In addition, we pay an above market price for our coffee that is in line with Fair Trade prices.

Our Story

FairNIST's beginnings

FairNIST, established in 2014, is a service group in NIST which originated from a 2Develop trip to Omgoi, a small village in Northern Thailand. The students who went to Omgoi found coffee being planted and thought of ideas to bring the farmers more income and so FairNIST was born.   ​  


We tried to find roasters and processors and went through some to find Akha Ama, our current partner which processes, roasts, and grinds all of our coffee.

Our Team

Team, partners, departments

Our passionate group of social entrepreneurs meet every Wednesday after school to prepare for the week ahead. We work hard to bring you the finest coffee Thailand has to offer. 


Our partner, Akha Ama, works with farmers to ensure you have an extraordinary cup every time, while making sure farmers and the environment prosper. Thai High takes special care of our coffee from plant to roast, and are an integral part of the success of our development projects.  

FairNIST is sectioned into three parts: marketing, accounting, and grinding/packaging. Students grow as entrepreneurs over time and experience many different aspects of business. We are always working on new and exciting projects, so make sure to stay up to speed on our coffee adventures.   

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