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The cart project is an idea that many of the members at FairNIST have been wanting. The coffee beans that are sold are usually transported in big quantities, making it hard for members to carry to specific events. This proposed cart would be a method to allow members to transport the coffee bags easily from one place to another. The purpose of the cart is to function as a portable stand for customers to buy products from, a small upgrade from the decorated tables which was what we used before. The portable coffee cart will also increase the branding and promotion of FairNIST.

The project was carried out by four people: Ju Young Jeong, Pat Chatchalermwit, Peem Boonvisuit, and Shunto Takahashi. This cart was designed and made over two years from 2017-2019 using recycled materials provided by the Design and Technology lab at NIST. 

The group began with their investigation on the specifications of the cart’s functions and features. Then their sketches were digitized with CAD programs. By consulting with the design teachers about the necessary skills and possibilities in constructing the portable coffee cart, the cart was finalized. The product was made with assistance from the technicians on certain aspects such as hinges to lift support the extended tables and doors.

The final product of the coffee cart has four major compartments and fits multiple bags of FairNIST products and functions as a sales stand around campus. 


In August 2019, those four students graduated leaving the cart project halted. So, Ranvir Singh in Year 8 has taken action and worked on improving the cart’s major problems.


Prim, one of our members, has worked on the new FairNIST logo and it’s slowly replacing the older one. Although, change is slow as products have been made with the old logo already, the new logo will be part of the development of FairNIST brand. 

Mr. Roasty

Yuri, Lisa, and Madelyn from Year 12 has worked on a mascot and comic series called Mr. Roasty. The comics can be found on his very own Instagram page with updates every Wednesday. 

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