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The FairNIST Coffee Tasting is an annual event happening here at NIST. Every year, the farmers, Khun Dao and Khun Ardong visits our school with their families and customers can get to talk to them. Many staff from Thai High, a company we collaborate with, also visits as well. In the event, we serve coffee and also work with NIST Kids catering to serve coffee desserts as well.

Starry Nights 2019

Starry Nights is one of NIST’s many school events which many service groups attend as a chance to sell products or advocate for a specific cause.  FairNIST set up a booth and successfully sold 22 bags of coffee.

Service fair 2021

The NIST secondary service fair program is a vital event that enlightens those within the community that are interested in community outreach and making a positive impact on the environment around them. Students are introduced to the various community service groups that NIST provides and can freely come and go to areas that spark their interests. The service fair served as a valuable event that encouraged many new members into the FairNIST service group, who are actively doing their part to improve our group today. I personally feel that we were able to efficiently communicate our service group’s intentions and goals, and how we aim to achieve them to a large audience regardless of the online platform.

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