15% of our profits goes towards improving the processing of coffee by farmers. At this moment, the farmers sell coffee cherries to ThaiHigh who will process and roast it. But we are investing in processing equipment and machines for Khun Dao and Khun Ardong, our farmers.

10% of our profits goes towards community development projects in Ban Huai Nam Khun village.

250g Coffee

฿300.00 Regular Price
฿250.00Sale Price
  • Taste Profile: Hints of Dark Chocolate, Prunes and Molasses with a Buttery aftertaste. 

    Origin: Kun Lao, Thailand & Chiang Rai, Thailand

    Processed: Wet/Washed Process  

    Speciality Graded and roast to perfection by Thai High Coffee 

    Peaberry- a coffee berry containing one rounded seed instead of the usual two. Such beans are esteemed for their fine, strong flavor.

    Roast: French- Dark or City-Medium

    Elevation: 1300